Member Meeting, Firearms Transportation Compliance Conference, and Legislative Reception

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Hailed as "Idaho's Second Amendment Guru" by Western Shooting Journal, Alex Kincaid is a former elected District Attorney and the founder of Alex Kincaid Law, an Idaho and Oregon based law firm with the unique specialty of firearms law.  Alex has over 16 years experience as a successful trial lawyer and strategic planner.   Alex Kincaid represents the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, she is the Chief Counsel and Public Relations Director for the Idaho Firearms and Accessories Manufacturers Association, and she is a partner of Orchid Advisors - the firearms industry's only full service strategy consulting firm.  Alex has successfully represented FFLs in license revocation proceedings and individual gun owners who have used their firearm for self-defenseand to restore gun rights.  Alex Kincaid Law serves a conservative clientele of gun owners, FFLs, veterans, farmers and ranchers, families and business owners.  Our motto is: "We Defend Your Right to Defend Yourself", which goes to the heart of everything we do – assisting gun owners, dealers and manufacturers to navigate all aspects of state and federal firearms laws, protecting the sanctity of the Second Amendment, and designing asset protection (estate and business) plans that protect your ability to preserve your legacy and pass it in a manner that incorporates your beliefs and philosophies.   
Alex made her mark as a respected and tenacious prosecutor by successfully trying hundreds of cases involving all manner of crimes (from petty theft to aggravated murder). She has been on the homicide scene to lead the major crimes team in making a determination of whether a shooting involved the lawful use of deadly force.  
Alex is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment,  and she devotes time to drafting and supporting pro-gun legislation.  Her proposed legislation has been backed by the NRA, and she is referred to as Idaho’s premier Second Amendment attorney & legislative advocate.  
She hosts the “Gun Law Podcast”, and is a frequently requested speaker, radio and television guest.   Alex uses her knowledge of the criminal justice system and her? skills acquired as an on-site homicide consultant to law enforcement to assist you in planning for and protecting your estate, assets, business and firearms.

Alex offers discounted services to IFAMA members including free consultations, start-up business packages, estate planning and more.

For more information please visit www.alexkincaidlaw.com or call 208. 345.6308.

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